We've just returned from the Canton Texas Flea Market, more commonly termed Canton First Monday Trade Days.

I wanted to find something interesting to show you, and boy did I find it!

The Canton Texas Flea Market probably has oneof everything in the world. If you're wanting to find Southwestern Decor for your home, this is the place to find it!

First Monday Canton originated in the 1850s when the circuit judge would come to town. People came to town to watch the court in action, and to do their business at the same time. As time went by, the Canton Texas First Monday grew until today it completely takes over the little town of Canton, Texas.

Today, First Monday is held not on Monday, but on the Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday preceding the first Monday of each month. Canton is a town of approximately 5,000 people, but on Canton First Monday Trade Days, that number balloons to a whopping 300,000!

Soup to Nuts is an understatement when you begin this journey...this weekend I saw crafts, furniture, foods of all type, antiques, pets and livestock, books and art. I'm sure I've forgotten as much as I remember. There are hundreds of acres of vendors offering everything you could possibly want for your Southwestern Dream Home.


The folks at Rockin' L Designs carry items handmade from metal, horseshoes and cedar wood with their own unique cut-outs and designs. They've been in business since 1992. Charles and Diane Lee will be happy to help you.

The above photo will give you an idea of the variety of items they have to offer. You can give them a call at (903) 884-4005 for information about their products.

Valerios Table and Chairs
Jose Valerio has some unique products, all produced right here in the U.S. He'll be happy to design and build something for you, or he can reupholster or restyle a favorite item you just can't seem to part with.

This great dining room set exhibited sturdy workmanship and an eye-catching design. Contact Jose at (469) 628-3330. Be sure to tell him I said to call.

Tom wants a rustic cedar bedroom set, and his favorite at Canton was the work done by Clifford Brown at The Galloping Horse.

The Galloping Horse
Clifford Brown takes great pride in the construction of his furniture. As a result, it should last many years and look great long after we're gone.

Update! Clifford is a master woodworker, and we've now had our own Rustic Bedroom Furniture created to place in our Southwestern Dream Home. Be sure to see how it looks!

Western Heritage Interiors has a large selection of Western Decor for the home, ranch and office. They're located at the Canton Old Mill in front of Pavilion I.

This bed was just one of many offerings they had displayed in their showroom. Visit with them at the Canton Texas Flea Market during First Monday Canton, or check out their site online at

Western Heritage Bed
Western Heritage Interiors at the Canton Texas Flea Market. They have a variety of items to choose from, and they'll be glad to help you choose the items that are right for your Southwestern Dream Home.

Tom taking a break

The Canton Texas Flea Market is a great family outing and there is plenty to do there for anyone. We never did get to visit all the vendors there, but it was a fascinating trip. Here's Tom taking a break at a handy bench. You think he's not tired?

Take my advice and visit the Canton Texas Flea Market, you won't be disappointed.

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