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When you begin to plan your Home Design, the plan for your new home begins with financing. If you are are thinking newconstruction consider a manufacturedhome. We have resources on custommanufactured homes, and luxuryhomes at

Designing your Southwestern Dream Home involves a lot of scratch paper and camera film. Don't stop until you get it right. You'll have yourself to thank as you finally relax on the porch of your Southwestern Dream Home and watch the Sun Godslowly dip behind the mountains, leaving a Phoenix-Tail display of gold and scarlet painted brilliantly on a crystal blue sky.

You may also want to visit my Dream Home Builder page to help you in locating the builder for your Southwestern Dream Home.

Consider a Planned Community and you will find activities, amenities, and community there for the taking. A Planned Community may have your Southwestern Dream Home ready and waiting for you right now!

If you're a really creative type, you might want to give House Design Software a try. Here's a look at 3D Interior Design Software . This article is a look into an exciting way to see what your home will look like without having to worry that you won't like it when you're finished.


"Did you see that! STOP!!" Our recent trip to Tucson created a mystical, magical window-shoppingexcursion. We stopped traffic in the streets, taking photos one after another to the tune of irate horn-honkingfrom others sharing the road. Each new corner we turned painted new ideas in our minds, and our Southwestern Dream Home began to take shape.

But the pictures are just part of the wonder! The internet is seething with great design ideas lurking around every corner, just waiting for us to happen upon them. And plans for our next trip to Tucson are just now beginning to take shape.

We'll need to:

  • Visit our property and make a final decision on where we want to place the house.
  • Meet with one or more architects to discuss design concepts. On this trip we will choose the onewe feel most comfortable with and begin the process.
  • Prepare the architect with photos and ideas for how we want the house to look and where we want it placed.
  • Visit homes built by various contractors so we can determine which one we will trust with our project.
  • Develop a feel for how the project is going and plan the details of when we will make the big step and begin the actual construction of our Southwestern Dream Home.

I've found a couple of good websites to help you with your planning stages as well. Visit theseand let me know how they have helped you in planning your Southwestern Dream Home.

For all-around planning try Dream Home Source .

And for house plans visit Eplans .

The process will be challenging and rewarding if you just continue to whisper your mantra..."My Southwestern Dream Home WILL be a reality!"

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