Landscaping rocks add height and interest to any yard.

Landscaping with Rocks

Use Landscaping rocks to add value to your home and more personal space for you to enjoy. While we're exploring how landscaping can add value and interest to your home, we'll explore plants to use in decorating, as well as the more permanent parts of landscape, rocks. The plant part of landscaping is sometimes dubbed softscaping, and allthe permanent, somewhat immovable parts are called hardscaping.

Add height and interest to your landscape

You can use landscaping rocks as a focal point by simply placing single specimens strategically around the yard, or by creating a rock garden. Smaller landscaping rocks can be used as an effective mulch to conserve precious moisture for the plants in your yard.

Beds containing cacti, grasses, shrubs or flowers may be made more interesting by adding complimentary colored rocks strategically throughout.

Rock wall
Use large stones to create height and a focal point for your yard. Stones are inexpensive and add beauty to what could otherwise be a drab environment. They are a natural way to create a beautiful environment that will blend in harmoniously with the surrounding terrain. Be sure to select local stone that complements your home and the surrounding land. This method of creating harmony adds to your home rather than warring with it. You should also consider the plants you will use in your landscape, and select stone that will closely blend with those as well.

Rock gardens are another way to incorporate stone into your landscape and create interest. Partially burying the stone will create a more natural look, making them appear to be a part of the land instead of something just haphazardly dropped there. Plantings placed between the rocks will round out the effect while creating places for native wildlife to live and explore.

Boulders add interest to your landscape
The aim of great landscaping is to create a peaceful environment that will enhance the visual impact of a home, while helping to extend the personal living space into the exerior portion of the property. Hardscaping can be used to make use of a breathtaking view or to enhance the privacy of limited space.

Build a patio or a deck where you can sit and drink in the beauty of a spectacular view. Where privacy is the main goal,such as in a more congested area where houses are situated fairly close by, build privacy fences. You can be creative with this idea and use a hedge or strategic planting to block out the outside world and insulate you from an undesirable view. Stone walkways will direct attention to various features of your landscape, as well as enhance the overall beauty. Natural stone can be used, or you may choose to use brick or interlocking pavers for a more uniform look and feel.

Other hardscape features you might add to your space might include:

  • dry stack walls
  • gazebos
  • arbors
  • statues
  • water gardens or waterfalls
  • fountains

All of the above "landscaping rocks" ideas make a wonderful focal point to create interest and variety in your outdoor design. Use these interesting features to make your outdoor space into a haven you will enjoy coming home to.

Stone Water Feature

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