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A Rustic Gazebo can be a Peaceful Refuge

Consider extending your living space into your backyard by placing a rustic gazebo into your desert landscape. A rustic gazebo will provide a welcome retreat from a hectic day, a refuge from the bustle of job and family, or a pleasant place for friends and family to gather. Gazebos are architectural features that can add to your home in a soothing and restful way. A quiet cup of coffee at sunrise, or a calming glass of wine after a stressful day will enhance your experience of your private retreat.

They are freestanding structures with a roof, and are usually open on the sides. They can be constructed of wood, rock such as marble, or vinyl. Some gazebos include permanent or removable screens for added protection from the elements or from insects. You might find a rustic cedar gazebo or a timber frame gazebo to your taste. There are log gazebo kits available, and an amish gazebo is a very good choice.

Rustic Gazebo

The beauty and durability of a well constructed gazebo can enhance your desert landscaping for many years. They can include garden benches and swings. Lighting can be built in, and some people place firepits or grills inside. Such additions can add interest and comfort to the design and make your private rustic gazebo retreat even more pleasurable.


As with any permanent structure, be sure to check with your local government for any permits or regulations that will need to be adhered to.

If you are planning to install a gazebo, consider the choices for material it will be constructed from. Common wood choices are cedar, redwood, pine and bamboo. You might also want to purchase a vinyl gazebo or a final selection might be stone.

Stone gazebos may be a more expensive option, but you would be assured of durability. Modern vinyl alternatives are beautiful and extremely durable as well. But by far the most common choice of material for a gazebo is wood.

Wooden gazebos can be constructed of just about any wood:

  • Pine
  • Bamboo
  • Cedar
  • Redwood

As a low cost option, pine is satisfactory. Bamboo can be used to create a tropical effect. But for the longest lasting, sturdy and dependable structures, my suggestion for your "rustic gazeo" is redwood or cedar.


Advantages of Redwood

  • It is naturally decay resistant
  • Naturally insect resistant
  • No need for it to be pressure treated with harmful chemicals
  • No need to paint to cover up pressure treated wood

Western Red Cedar

Early residents of the Pacific Northwest called it the "Tree of Life". Since the earliest times, Western Red Cedar has been an important essential for constructing long-lasting and beautiful structures.

Advantages of Western Red Cedar

  • Known for longevity
  • Durable
  • Beautiful; rich grain, texture and color
  • When dried it has less tendency to crack or split
  • Lays flat, stays straight, retains fasteners
  • Resists moisture
  • Resists decay
  • Naturally insect resistant

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