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Create a warm and inviting atmosphere in your home with Southwestern Art.

Southwestern Art says "Welcome"!

Of course I've been on another of my forays around the web, and I've discovered Southwestern Art that just had to be seen. You can't possibly expect me to hang out with my computer all day and not find something cool to show you! First I'll show you an old friend, and then a new friend. Each of them has unique art that I'm just dying to display in my Southwestern Dream Home.

At an early age, I was introduced to the work of Ted DeGrazia, and fell in love with the adorable figures he depicted of Navajo children, as well as literally hundreds of other subjects. The round-eyed wonderment in their faces showed to me a world full of new discoveries just waiting for me to happen upon them. Throughout his life, DeGrazia enriched the world with his art, and he left his gallery to carry on for him long into the future.

DeGrazia's Art When you are in Tucson, head north on Swan Road. The road rises up the mountainside into the Catalinas, and near the end of the road you will find DeGrazia's Gallery in the Sun tucked away in a rustic hideaway amid the cactus and native grasses. A huge metal door opens into the hillside and when inside you will find the key to many of life's mysteries. This place is a shrine to a man of great wealth. His was a great wealth of soul, and you will find your soul enriched when you visit there.

Kokopelli Night Light Now just this week I met a new friend. Laura Ramirez also has an art gallery. Laura's art gallery is a virtual art gallery located on the World Wide Web. Laura has gathered a fascinating collection of artists together to offer their visions up to the web. Kokopelli's Treasures has Southwestern Art that is functional as well as beautiful. According to Laura, Kokopelli is the symbol of things that bring joy.

Hulcho Mask At Kokopelli's Treasures, there are works of art that will create light and happiness in your home. You will find Southwestern Art in the form of table lamps, wall sconces, drawer pulls and other great items.

Lamp You will also find several renditions of what I call "House Jewelry". There's a trend in the Southwest that I've noticed recently. You'll see lizards, chilies, sahuaro cactus, suns, and even our friend Kokopelli on the exterior walls of many homes. These embellishments remind me of earrings on a lovely lady, so I have dubbed them "House Jewelry". Laura's site has several renditions of House Jewelry that will make your home beautiful too.


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And if you like what we're doing here, please sign our guestbook.