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Allow a backyard waterfall to create an atmosphere of serenity for you and your feathered and furry visitors.

A backyard waterfall can make any day less stressful.

Tom and I have had many years of hectic, stressful, and thoroughly maddening events strung end to end in one long and drawn-out cacophony of nerve-wracking craziness. Business just tends to be that way.

Therefore it only comes natural to desire our Southwestern Dream Home to be as peaceful and serene as possible. I can think of one thing, more than any other that will create that effect, and I plan to incorporate it into my landscape.

Desert wildlife will appreciate the pleasant sound your waterfall will make, as well as the availability of precious water. Water can be a scarce commodity in the Southwest and wildlife will be drawn to your little man-made oasis like bees to honey.

Your human friends will also welcome the peaceful effects of a water feature in your backyard as well.

Traveling around the web, I have found several ways to create a backyard waterfall, or at least the refreshing sound of gurgling, splashing water.

  • A stream with one or more vertical drops for the water to splash down and across varying configurations of rock ending in a pond.
  • A vertical assembly of rocks or a dropoff of some sort where water can fall into a pond or a swimming pool below.
  • A vertical assembly of rocks where water drops into a sandy or rocky collection area that has no pond. This is called a pondless waterfall.
  • Some sort of sculpture or device that spurts water into a pool below.

I'm not that good at constructing things. One thing Tom taught me was how to point, and I do that regularly if I want something constructed. However, there are numerous resources that will detail the simple process of creating a backyard waterfall.

I recently found this informative e-book that will help you build your waterfall. Click Here! And you can buy pond liners and pumps, or even the entire pond setup in a kit at sites like this backyard waterfall and pond site:

Pond Kits & Pond Supplies - Shop from 1000s of pond supplies, learn pond building techniques, browse through 100s of pond and water garden photos and so much more at PondSolutions.com! A complete pond and water garden superstore!

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