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Ready! Set! Barbecue! at Barbecues Galore

Let's face it, when America thinks of the backyard it sees a barbecue. Visit Barbecues Galore for a great barbecue experience! Your backyard is an extension of your home.

So what is one of the best ways to extend your space outdoors? Barbecue, of course! To be more precise, many people go even further and create the outdoor kitchen. A place to cook, eat, relax and spend time with friends and family can be as simple as a grill and some lawn chairs or as elaborate as any room in your home.

On our most recent trip to Tucson, we happened upon a business that is the stuff of dreams for you barbecue nuts! Barbecues Galore is a fantasy store where the backyard enthusiast can find books, sauces, woodchips and charcoal, and of course dozens of barbecues and smokers to drool over.

Barbecues Galore

Here you can find barbecues with ceramic bricks, infrared heating elements, gas barbecues, charcoal barbecues, and beyond. The fine folks at this store can enclose your dream barbecue in a great cabinet with cooking surfaces, storage space and even eating surfaces to belly up to. Some have cubbyholes to install your outdoor fridge and wine cooler also. These guys have barbecue down to an art!

I saw grills with temperature gauges, multiple setting knobs for grilling different foods at different heats, little drawers to hold smoking chips, and rotisseries for chickens, steaks or even big enough for a turkey! There are baskets for the rotisserie attachment that will allow you to grill veggies and steaks, and ones that will hold a chicken in a nice little round cage.

Visit our friends at Barbecues Galore at Barbecues Galore or call them at 1-800-GRILL-UP.

Barbecues Did I forget anything? YES! When you think you’ve seen it all, wander a bit and you’ll find a cozy area full of gas fireplaces. Here you’ll see logs sculpted so meticulously to look like logs that you can see the burned charcoal look where they split in the middle.

Having a cozy fireplace to cuddle up to has never been so easy, or so clean! Turn the knob and instantly curl up on the couch with your honey. What better way to end an evening of great barbecue togetherness than watching the glow of the fireplace cuddled up with the one you love.

For those that can’t bring themselves to come inside after the barbecue fun is over, light up the firepit and watch the stars march across the heavens. Yep, these guys at Barbecues Galore have thought of everything. Oh, and I forgot the kitchen sink! The barbecue enclosures can, of course, include your own outdoor sink! Maybe you can live out there all summer long…

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