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Chili Pepper Decor is a popular design for Southwestern Homes

Chili Pepper Decor

Chili Pepper Décor is a popular décor item used in Southwestern style homes. You can find kitchen items such as salt and pepper shakers, ceramic cookie jars and linens.

Tom and I were traveling down I-10 towards Tucson recently, and we stopped in at a roadside shop called Bowlins.

The southwest is definitely HOT! As you can see from this photo of some of the locals near Bowlins. This is a favorite phrase in this region, “It’s hot…but it’s a dry heat!”

...but it's a dry heat!

Bowlins has a wide variety of Southwestern décor items, as well as jewelry and moccasins, to name a few of their products. At Bowlins, I found a large display of chili pepper décor. There were two separate patterns, and many items in each pattern.

They also had strings of chili pepper lights, linens and some of those great oil bottles filled with chilies. I know you’ve seen them. They create a beautiful design in the bottle with fruits or vegetables and fill the bottle with oil.

Altogether, Bowlins impressed me with their display and their variety of items offered. You can access Bowlins Online Store here. This is their page for the chili pepper décor, but they have a large and varied selection of Southwestern items to choose from.

Here's a closeup of their lovely chili pepper cannisters, in one of those great chilipepper patterns.

Chili Cannisters

The ChilipepperEmporium , a favorite of The Food Network, offers the standard chilipepper ceramics for the kitchen and a whole lot more. Here’s a collection of windsocks, clocks, flags, and even those fabulous chilipepper posters you’ve seen displayed at your favorite HOT! Restaurants.

Browse through places such as the Chilipepper Emporium and Bowlins to see just how creative you can be with your own zesty chilipepper home décor.

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