Desert landscaping, sometimes called Xeriscaping, is not always desolate and bleak.

On our recent visit to Tucson, there was great desert landscaping at the resort where we stayed. As a resultthere was a great abundance of natural wildlife in close proximity to our little "casa".

Desert Landscaping

On the first morning, upon awakening, I opened the blinds to let in the sunlight. Near the patio I noticed several quail scurrying for cover. They had been foraging for seeds from the plants nearby. The desert landscaping included a great variety of desert shrubs and grasses that dropped seeds. I also noticed hummingbirds visiting the tiny salmon-colored flowers on one shrub.

My first reaction was to look for something to feed the cute little runners. (Quail rarely fly, preferring to run most places unless startled.) I found some cheerios, and decided since they were made of whole grain, they might be good bird food. I placed some outside on the terrace and was soon rewarded with a few cautious stragglers. They found thecereal to their liking and invited the family to breakfast.

This activity entertained me for a day or two, and we watched cactus wrens, woodpeckers,sparrows, cardinals, roadrunners and a half-dozen other species of desert birds visit our porch. Therewere also a rabbit, some chipmunks and even a hawk.

After half a box of cheerios had been devoured, I decided bird seed might be a nice idea, so I went shopping. I found a cubic seed block about a foot in each direction. It was rather heavy, and large, so the quail were rather cautious at first.

But soon the little guys were happily scratching around and pecking the seeds off the block. Of course wehad things to do, so we left the block for our visitors. When we came home, there had beenquite a bit of activity and there was a fist-sized chunk missing from the block.

The next morning, true to form I awoke and opened the blinds to view our visitors again. To my surprise, we had a new visitor! A javelina was calmly chowing down on my bird seed! Javelina are generally peaceful unless cornered or frightened, but they are certainly fearful looking creatures. I've included a photo of our friend so you can judge for yourself.

Over a period of a half hour he managed to devour almost half the block of seeds. The next day, it was simply gone. Every single seed had been vacuumed up from the terrace by that greedy creature.

I found a bag of seed after that so I could dish it out in smaller portions for the birds.

Our feathered and furry friends helped me to come to a decision about the desert landscaping I wanted for my Southwestern Dream Home. My intention is to search for similar grasses, cacti and shrubs that will be a friendly environment for the native creatures near my home.

My choice is to encourage visits from wildlife by making my desert landscaping friendly to them with various desert plants and trees. I'll want to plant wildflowers to provide beauty for humans as well as seeds, nectar and cover for my animal visitors. I'll also use Landscaping Rocks to enhance the atmosphere of home for my friends.

There are many choices of items to add to your Desert Landscaping. A soothing and interesting focal point would be to add Garden Statues and Concrete Water Fountains. to your landscape to add interest and movement.

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In my sojourn on the web, I've found many helpful sites that will be very useful in designing the desert landscaping I'm envisioning. A few are included here so you can begin to plan your desert landscaping as well.

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