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Dream Home

The Southwestern Dream Home Project is all about creating the ultimate dream home in the Southwestern United States. I’ve included many resources I’ve found to help you find the right realtors, contractors, architects and many more.

If you are ready to build your dream home, you will find information on timberframe homes, and manufacturedhomes at Homesight.org. You can also find resources on prefabricatedlog homes, and mobilehomes here as well.

There are pages and pages of ideas to help you decorate and landscape your Southwestern Dream Home and personalize it for your own style of Southwestern living.

I’ve brought you photos, links and even how-to pages to show you how to do the projects yourself. All this I’ve done for you, so you can create the ultimate Southwestern Dream Home. As time goes by, I’ll be adding more and more pages to help you.

But you want to know how our Southwestern Dream Home project is progressing. To make it easy to follow the progress toward the project that caused me to create this site, I’m including this progressive chronological account of what happens as we create it.

I can tell you now that it will be a long and tedious process. If you decide to go through this long, difficult process in the same way we do, you will be able to see ways you might be able to improve. You may find ways to do things you might not have thought of, or you may just need encouragement. Any reason you might have for viewing this chronicle is a good one, it’s here for you. Enjoy!

Dream Home Project

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