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Make a list. What are the most important things in your life today? If you have children, undoubtedly they will be number one on that list. And because they are most important on your list, you want the best for them. You want them to eat the most nutritious foods, wear the right shoes, and have straight white teeth.

And you want them to have the best education you can give them. Their little brains are like sponges, absorbing everything that is offered. Let’s face it, the school your child attends can make a huge difference in what your child learns, how well he learns, and even if he learns.

So, what can you do to be certain your child has the best education you can give him? And what could this possibly have to do with the Southwestern Dream Home?

If you’re like thousands of parents out there, choosing a home has everything to do with choosing a school for your child. Home values are directly related to the quality of the schools the children attend in the area. So how do you choose the best school for your child’s needs?

Looking for new ideas for your Southwestern Dream Home? Want some ways to spice up your Southwestern Decor? How about some great tips on your Southwestern Backyard?

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There are several tools here that will help you in the quest for excellence for your child. These websites will allow you to:

  • search for a specific school you might want to know about,
  • check a city for the best schools in the area,
  • see parents ratings and comments about specific schools,
  • learn how schools rate compared to others in the nation,
  • show what you, as a parent can do to help make your child’s school even better. The following sites will provide you with many helpful ways to determine what school will be best for your child. Visit one, or all three. They each have many useful areas to help you in your decision.

    Visit PSK12 for state by state evaluations. GreatSchools bills their site as "the parents' guide to K-12 Success. SchoolMatters is offered by Standard & Poor's to help parents make decisions about the best schools for their children. There are several standards of rating, so parents are able to be objective in their decision.

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