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by Darren Stephens
(Canyon, Texas USA)

When we first saw the floors in this home, it was owned by some of our friends. They had taken a traditional ranch, built in the late eighties, and pulled up all the carpet. The home had been terribly neglected by the previous owners who had pets. The carpet was not only stained with pet stains, it had penetrated the pad into the concrete. Our friends, after removing the carpet, sanded down a layer of the concrete foundation before laying down the tiles.

We had the privilege of watching the craftsman take each tile and cut it to fit. He was careful to lay out the pattern so that there were not matching colors all in a row, but that every square was different from the ones around it. He was able to lay it in a diamond pattern with a border around the walls.

Then one day, our friends said they were moving. We immediately asked what they wanted for their house. When they told us the price, knowing all the time, money and effort they had put in to laying down the slate floors, we jumped at the chance to buy it. Now the house is ours!

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