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Bring a Little Kokopelli In

Kokopelli night light

Kokopelli! Today I’d like to tell you about a special person. He's a joyful little person that brings happiness to countless people throughout the Southwest, and the world. Nobody truly knows if Kokopelli is real, or simply a fanciful embodiment of people’s hopes and dreams. Yet he brings laughter, joy, and music wherever he resides.

For many generations, back as far as the Native Americans of our great land can remember, the flute player has been the keeper of music, fertility and agricultural abundance. The little humpbacked flute player is found dancing joyfully amongst the petroglyphs recorded by the ancients. Yet even today, he plays his happy music and dances playfully into the hearts of the Southwest.

Kokopelli There are many beliefs and stories associated with our little friend, and several cultures include him in their lore.

Apparently, for this reason, in addition to his winning personality, he has been adopted as a universal symbol of joy throughout the Southwestern U.S. You can find him adorning clothing, sculptures and other artwork depict the character, and there’s even a bicycle trail stretching from Colorado to Utah that’s named after him.

In your Southwestern Dream Home, you may wish to include him as a sculpture, or as a figure placed on the exterior of your home (something I call house jewelry .) He could grace your bedroom, on the bedding, or in the bath. Often, the deity is included as a design on Native American artwork , so you may find him at the Cameron Trading Post , or other places such items might be found.

Wherever you see him, he is sure to bring joy into your life, so bring a little Kokopelli into your home and experience the joy.

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