Mission Style Homes reflect the Spanish influence in their design

The original Mission style homes were built in California, and the style has been incorporated in homes throughout the Southwestern U.S. and even as far east as Florida.

The style originated somewhere around the latter part of the 19th century and many were built in the early 1900s.

Mission style homes are similar in design to old Spanish mission churches. The simple Spanish-inspired structures are embellished with curved rooflines, bell towers and patterned tiles.

Mission Style Home
The homes are usually flanked by shaded porches and the interiors are dark and cool, which is a definite advantage in the desert Southwest. The arid and dry climate makes this style a wise choice.

By the 1920s, architects were combining Mission styling with features from craftsman and prairie style homes. Mission style homes were heavily influenced by the Spanish colonization of Mexico. States in the United States with Hispanic pasts, such as California, New Mexico, southern Arizona, and Florida have numerous examples of this type of architecture.

Mediterranean and Spanish Colonial style homes all incorporate some characteristics of the Mission style.

Here's a listing of features that can be found in Mission Style homes:

  • Somewhat plain architecture with stucco siding, or occasionally brick
  • Parapet walls - a low wall outlining an otherwise flat or slightly pitched roof
  • Espadaña - An espadaña is a curvilinear gable that projects above the roofline.
  • Spanish tile roofing material
  • Square tower with a bell
  • Mission style homes normally have a stucco chimney, some of which have a gable-roofed chimney top.
  • The front door is often of heavy wood with wrought iron hardware. Doors often have a rounded design.
  • Windows are round or quatrefoil (clover-shaped)
  • Arched dormers and elaborate arches. Covered archway leading to the front door. You find elaborate arches above windows and porch openings as well.
  • Twisted columns supported by large square pillars
  • Decorative work such as patterned tilework around windows and on the walls, stone carvings, or elaborate grillwork.

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Mission style homes often have details similar to these styles:

  • Prairie
  • Craftsman
  • Pueblo

Mission style furniture is often referred to as Craftsman style. Both are similar in appearance and used interchangeably.

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