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My Southwestern Style Home

by Matt B

Southwestern Mediterranean Style Home

Southwestern Mediterranean Style Home

I bought this house with my wife a few years ago. She is really in love with the Southwestern style houses, as she grew up in one. I like how the houses blend into the landscape, while she really likes the exterior looks of the actual house itself, such as the flat roof with the rounded parapet and the earthy type color of the trim and stucco exterior.

I find Southwestern architecture to be a beautiful style that is a definite change from other types of architecture that are most commonly found. Our house is what I consider to be a Southwestern/Mediterranean style and is one story and two floors.

There are three bedrooms, two garage bays, three bathrooms, one fireplace, and a total living area of 2412 square feet.

I will not tell where we live and how much we bought it for, but this house was definitely worth the money we spent on it. IT took us a while to find it, but once we did, we knew it was the perfect house.

And what is funny is the following year, my brother, who had never saw our house, bought one out in Texas, and it turned out to be an extremely similar house to ours. We were stunned how similar this was, and are currently looking up the architects' names to see if there is a correlation. We love these types of houses (and apparently so does my brother), and hope to start a family in one soon.

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