Old Pueblo Adobe Company

Old Pueblo Adobe Company

Old Pueblo Adobe Company will make your Southwestern Dream Home come alive! I know you’ve been thinking a lot about how to build your Southwestern Home. The home style itself is the first issue to consider, and soon you’ll be exploring the architectural details that you’ll want to include in your new home.

It’s exciting…it’s exhilarating…it’s just downright fun! You might want to consider an Adobe style home, or perhaps you’d like to include one or more walls built of adobe. You may want to create a courtyard in your Southwestern backyard, and enclose it with adobe. There are dozens of uses for those down-to-earth simple mud bricks.

Mesquite Mantels and Carved Posts

So, where do you find them? Where else? At the Old Pueblo Adobe Company, of course. When I spoke with Aaron, the builder we’ve chosen to create our home, he told us they are the most reasonably priced company around to purchase bricks, not to mention all the other great items you can find there.

So what other great items, you ask? Ah, I thought you’d never ask. The Old Pueblo Adobe Company is where you’ll find corbels, vigas and latillas to accent the walls, ceilings and portales of your Southwestern Dream Home. But that’s not all.

Wander around the yards there and you’ll find Sahuaro ribs, ocotillo fence panels, and rustic posts that are cut just perfectly for that awesome ramada you’re planning.

Inside, while cruising the showroom, I found dozens of books packed with ideas to create that rustic Southwestern look. There were natural paints, small furnishings and idea books filled with photos of projects completed with the items you can find there.

And my favorite items were the mantelpieces cut from huge mesquite trees. The wood is unique, containing light and dark grains side by side. If you want a focal point for your home, this is the place to look.

So when you’re in Tucson, be sure to stop off at The Old Pueblo Adobe Company for a look into the past, and some ideas for the future, in your Southwestern Dream Home.

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