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Rustic Cedar Bed

Tom and I found some Rustic Bedroom Furniture when we visited the Canton Texas Trade Days recently. There were several dealers there that create some very nice furniture from rough-cut cedar. We were very impressed with the quality and workmanship of these craftsmen, but Tom’s favorite was the work of Clinton Brown.

Clinton was kind enough to send us a few more photos of his work, and my husband has been determined to get a set of Clinton’s finest built as soon as possible. Huh! Our house hasn’t even been designed yet, and he’s already wanting furniture. Ok, so it didn’t take long for Tom to commission Clinton to build us a set. He figures we’ll just have the house built for the furniture.

Cedar Dresser

Now when I say Rustic Bedroom Furniture, this is the real McCoy! Tom ordered a king-size bed, a triple dresser with a mirror, two nightstands, two lamps, and of course his pride and joy.

Clinton built us an entertainment unit for Tom’s TV. Now this is not just any TV, mind you, it’s a big-screen with a vengeance. Oh, sure there are larger TVs, but we’ll get one of those for the living room when we actually have a living room. So the TV is huge, and he had two rows of drawers below the TV and on each side are cabinets for hanging clothes.

You may think it’s funny (come to think of it, I think it’s hilarious) but it’s what Tom wants. So I had to tell the designer to add another few feet on the master bedroom, big deal!

Entertainment Unit
These pictures will hopefully give you an idea of what Clinton can do. He seems very versatile, and I believe he can build a large variety of furniture.

So we planned to visit Clinton in Canton the day he was scheduled to finish our furniture. This kind of fell in with the trip as we had dropped off a load of furniture at the mobile home in Tucson, and just happened to be pulling an empty trailer behind the pickup. When we arrived, we found that Clinton’s workshop is jam-packed full of just about everything you can imagine.

Outside, you’ll find aromatic cedar logs reclining in the yard, and piles of pieces scattered everywhere. A friendly gray tabby cat greeted us at the door, and soon Clinton ushered us inside to see our rustic bedroom furniture. We wove between bunk beds, nightstands and more chunks of that beautiful red wood, and found ourselves face to face with the most massive bed I’ve seen in years.

The thing was so big two grown men can’t carry it. Two dollies gave us the only hope we could have had of getting it on the trailer. The headboard alone weighs in at a massive 450 pounds. Each piece was sanded to a silky smooth shine, and finished with a clear urethane that ensures it will last for many years to come.

The drawers on the dresser look like a couple of logs laid one on top of the other, and the mirror is huge! The drawers slide like an ice skater on a glassy winter pond. Clinton has obviously been doing this for many years. Each piece is masterfully fitted together, showing all the skill of a master woodworker.

Ok, so I thought Tom was a little silly having our rustic bedroom furniture made at such an early date, but seeing the results is worth all the effort it took to bring it home. Speaking of which, Clinton tells me he can be persuaded to personally deliver his work to your location for a fee.

If you’re interested in having some rustic bedroom furniture made by this master craftsman, just fill in the form provided provided here and I’ll get you all the information you need about whatever you might be interested in.

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Don’t worry, he can build quite a variety of items. He can go far beyond rustic bedroom furniture! Clinton explained that after a much needed rest, he intended to begin work on a staircase for a customer. He confided in me that the man had furnished his entire house with Clinton’s work, and had sold the house to someone that demanded all the furniture be left inside.

So the customer had requested Clinton begin a staircase as a first item for his new house he was building.

Cedar Chest

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