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From classy to eclectic furniture, it's all here and more.

Southwest furniture websites abound on the net. We'll show you around some of the best ones we've seen so far, and maybe give you some great ideas on how to continue on your quest to your Southwestern Dream Home. Come along for a ride, I promise to leave you a window seat. I decided a good way to show you around all the great Southwest Furniture sites is to take you on a virtual tour on my imaginary Southwestern Dream Home Tour Bus. I'll be the driver, you just sit back and take notes.

Vision Design Group
Our first stop just has to be Santa Fe, New Mexico. There are many fine examples to choose from here, and we pull up in front of a great "storefront" for Visions Design Group. These guys just do it right, that's all I can say. I have seen everything here from armoires to zebra rugs, all with a unique flair you just have to see to believe. My pocketbook will be seriously deflated if I make too many visits here, I want one of those,and one of those, and one of those....OH, and four of these! Try Direct From Mexico and just let me know if it has anything you need. I'm sure we can pack it in the luggage racks underneath.

Timberline Furniture
We'll have to head a bit north to Montana for the next one, but Timberline Furniture has some seriously amazing offerings. On this site I found a Twig Bed that Tom kinda figures he needs, a wagon wheel dining table you'll love as much as I do, and willow patio furniture that's just awesome!

Oh, and the biggie! I promised you a couch that moos, here's where you can get one.

Take a look around the showroom at Timberline Furniture and hop on again when you're ready for the next stop. That luggage rack is getting pretty full by now, but we have one more stop.

Sahuaro Screen

Hold on tight, we're pulling into Albuquerque, NM! Here we'll visit Southwest Interiors for some great Southwest Furniture and accessories. My favorite is this totally cool Sahuaro Screen. It's rustic, picturesque, just the kind of thing for over in the corner by the easy chair. (I wonder how it would look with that cowhide sofa?) See Southwest Furniture at Southwest Interiors here.

Did I hear a moo?
Now wasn't that a great little trip? I'll find you more cool stuff as I get closer to finishing my Southwestern Dream Home, so stay in touch and come along for the next trip.

I'm Cheryl Cholley and I've been your guide on this excursion into cool places to find Southwest Furniture.

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