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Create stamped concrete hardscapes for extraordinary appeal in your desert landscape.

Create a stamped concrete hardscapes and your desert landscape will definitely take a turn for the better.

A xeriscape may appear a little blase' and have that barren, dry look, but if you want to spruce it up with some color and design, consider some of these ideas:

  • Stamped concrete floors
  • Textured concrete driveways
  • Decorative patterned concrete
  • Acid stain concrete
  • Decorative concrete sealer
  • Patio concrete staining
  • Stained concrete porches

Stamped concrete floors

Stamped concrete floors can be used in the interior of your home, or on your patio, driveway, sidewalks, entryway, or any number of areas in your desert hardscape.

stamped concrete is an art form, which will create value and interest in your home. It is much more durable than tiles, and less expensive than stone, but it can imitate either.

If your Spanish tile breaks, you need to replace it. This is not a problem with if you have a stamped concrete hardscape. It is durable, and there is no need to replace it due to the fact that it doesn't break like tile. Stamped concrete hardscapes are hard to beat!

Textured concrete driveways

Textured concrete driveways are another way to bring durable, inexpensive and beautiful art into your life. Your driveway can showcase your Southwestern lifestyle by declaring to visitors that this is your Southwestern Dream.

Textured concrete driveways can be constructed to look like intricately laid brick, or brighten up your entryway with sun, kokopelli or lizard designs.

Stamped Concrete Hardscapes Decorative patterned concrete

Decorative patterned concrete is an inexpensive way to bring the look of brick, natural stone, pebbles, or even the seashore to your desert hardscape. Let your imagination run wild and choose stamped concrete hardscapes ideas that best describe how you feel about your backyard.

Acid stain concrete

Acid stain concrete is a unique method of etching a pattern into concrete. Acid concrete stain creates a weathered, textured, or mottled look that can mimic various natural materials, or show a face all its own.

Decorative concrete sealer

Decorative concrete sealer can be used to create a surface on top of concrete. This method can be used to hide blemishes or to simply add interest to an otherwise plain surface.

Acid Stain Concrete

Patio concrete staining

Patio concrete staining is yet another method of adding interest and design into your hardscape.

Stained concrete porches

Stained concrete porches can be a single color, or can be a design of your choice. Choose your own look. Just let your imagination be your guide.

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