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Talavera Fountain


What Southwestern Dream Home could be complete without the flamboyant splash of color in a healthy dose of Talavera Tile and pottery? Talavera artwork appears on not only tile, but on home décor items such as sinks, planters, wall pockets, animal shaped planters, dishes, serving trays and bowls and even pitchers.

Originally brought to Mexico from Spain during the Colonial period, Talavera refers to a 16th century Spanish pottery mecca, Talavera de la Reina. The artisans of this period termed this type of artwork majolica. Nevertheless, the Talavera tradition is alive and well in Mexico.

You’ll love the blue and white traditional designs, all hand-made and unique. Splashes of oranges, greens, golds and reds create a carnival of color in these highly original and decorative items from South of the Border.

In the past, the glaze used on Talavera pottery contained lead, which is a known toxic substance. Currently, however, it’s possible to find Talavera items that are not made with lead. It might be advisable, however, if one is not absolutely certain of the content of the glaze used in the item you purchase, that it only be used as décor and not for dishes to eat from.

In the photo above, Talavera tile is used to accent a fountain at a restaurant in Mexico. Tom makes a great decoration for the doorway as well, does he not? You may want to use such tile as a border or accent on the walls of your courtyard, or on the edges or tops of your countertop in a bath or kitchen.

In the bath, sinks are a lovely and popular way to display the lively art. Sinks are made in many of our favorite Talavera designs, and one or two will brighten up your bath. Kitchen backsplashes are another popular location for the tiles.

Use planters in urn shapes, traditional planter shapes, or cute animal shapes. Your courtyard will come alive with color if you use Talavera pottery containers there.

As you can see, Talavera artwork is versatile and fun. Use it lavishly for a cheery feeling in your Southwestern Dream Home.

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