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Southwest Territorial Style Homes

Territorial Style Homes Feature Brick Coping

Southwest Territorial Style is another popular home style in the Southwestern United States. The style is reminiscent of the Native American styles, showing many similarities to the Pueblo and Santa Fe styles. Territorial, however, is a more straight-lined style influenced by the Anglos in the 1800s. The Southwestern Territorial Style features:

  • Flat roofs with parapets extending above the walls.
  • Smooth plaster or stucco walls (similar to many Southwestern styles)
  • Sturdy vigas supporting the ceiling structures.
  • Brick coping at the tops of the walls.
  • Milled woodwork, such as pedimented lintels above window frames.
  • Painted wood trim at the doors and windows.
  • Turned wood posts to support the porches (portales)

Due to the blending of styles that is common in the Southwest today, true Territorial-style architecture may be difficult to find. However, the features found in a this style home are often found blended with other types of architecture.

Take for example the vigas. This is a popular and common architectural feature of many Southwestern home styles. Portales in the Southwestern home are often found with turned wood posts common in the territorial homestyle.

In Pueblo style homes, you find the flat-roofed structures similar to territorial homes. However, the brick coping at the top of the parapets, common in the territorial style, is normally missing in the simpler Pueblo style structures.

Other features more commonly found in territorial homes are the milled woodwork details, such as pedimented lintels on the window frames.

Whatever Southwestern details your Southwestern Dream Home contains, itÂ’s sure to be a hit with true lovers of the Southwest.

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And if you like what we're doing here, please sign our guestbook.

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