Trailers for Sale...or Trade!

Twin Trucks

Trailers for Sale or Rent…ok Trade!

Waiting for your Southwestern Dream Home to become real is going to be the hardest part of the process. Tom and I made another trip to the Southwest in November, and this time we brought both trucks. We have matching red pickups, so we decided to bring two trailers on this trip. First, we thought we might rent a truck to bring our belongings, but soon we realized it would be less expensive to load up two trailers and each drive a truck.

We had priced Uhaul trucks and trailers, and both seemed rather expensive. Tom and I are real do-it-yourselfers, so the trailer idea won out over the idea of renting a truck. However, even the expense of renting a Uhaul trailer was somewhat excessive in our minds, so we continued to mull over the idea for several weeks.

Then an idea came to me! What if we were to purchase a new trailer, use it once to haul our furniture, and sell it when we were finished with it. Tom did some calling around and determined the price of a trailer in Tucson was about $500 higher than it was in Louisiana. He explained that this was due to the plant in Beaumont, a few miles away, where they manufactured the trailers. The proximity to our home in Louisiana made it an inexpensive location for the purchase of those trailers.

Here's a photos of the "trailers for sale."

Twin Trailers

So if we were to use a brand new trailer once, and sell it in Tucson, we would be able to sell it for more than we paid for it! Interesting development…Tom went out and bought two trailers. We each hauled a load of furniture, and ended up with two brand new trailers for sale. Our phone was installed in the mobile home during the time we were there, but it was late in the week when it was turned on, so we didn’t exactly sell the trailers.

We did find out, rather belatedly, that several people were interested, but were unable to reach us on our cell phones, which don’t work that far up the mountain. One of the trailers is still sitting at a friend’s house, waiting for us to return and resume the ad to sell it. The second one is another story.

We met a nice man who was willing to do some handyman work on the trailer. But instead of cash, he was willing to take one of the trailers in trade. Tom worked a barter deal with him that gave us both what we wanted.

And…we discovered on that trip that there is a definite market for the trailers. So when we make our final trip to Tucson, one more trailer will find a new home in Tucson. And in the process, our fuel for the trip will be paid by the profit we make on the sale of the trailers. Don’t ever underestimate an entrepreneur!

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