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Mediterranean Style Homes

Mediterranean style homes are often built in the Southwest.

The Mediterranean, or what is sometimes called Spanish/Mediterranean, is a design marked by flowing design and predominately open floor plans. This creates a feeling of openness and is excellent for entertaining.

Many of the design elements of the Mediterranean style is reminiscent of Italian villas, Spanish Revival or Mission style architecture. Normally characterized by a stucco exterior and tile roofs, these homes are popular in the Southwest due to the cooling effect of the tile roofs.

A close cousin to the Mission and Pueblo style architecture, Mediterranean style homes are characterized by arched window and door openings, inset deeply into the walls. The climate is a major factor in building this type of home. The large number of sunny days and the cooling effect of the elements of this design make it a sure winner for the desert Southwest.

Mediterranean Style Home

Mediterranean houses usually have these features:
  • Doors & windows are frequently arched
  • Low-Pitched roofing with red-tiles (Spanish Tile)
  • Exterior stucco walls (often in pastel hues)
  • Window deeply recessed giving an appearance of thick walls
  • Asymmetrical layout and open, airy living spaces
  • Archways and exposed wooden beams frame the rooms

ServiceMagic, Inc.

Some Mediterranean homes have:

  • Rectangular or L-plan
  • Asymmetrical with front porch
  • Arcades with arched openings
  • Occasional use of colored ceramic tiles for ornamentation
  • Can be one or two stories
  • Recessed entry
  • Balconies and window grilles, made of wrought iron or wood.
  • scrolled or tile-capped parapet walls
  • Articulated door surrounds.
  • Feature detailing is sometimes done in keystone.
  • Tile is used to accent the walls, roofs, floors, countertops, showers and walkways.
  • Tile along with limestone, granite, brick and concrete and pebbles are also used in floors.

Planning a move? Looking for a New Home? Are you creating your Southwestern Dream Home? This is the place to look for ideas and information to help you build your ideal home. When looking for a Realtor to help you in your search for property, or for that perfect home, we can help.

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And if you like what we're doing here, please sign our guestbook.

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