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Mexican Pottery

Southwest Home Decorating is accomplished by mixing a little Southwestern and a little traditional into an eye-pleasing blend of furnishings that is unique to you. On this page you will find a wonderful selection of ideas and shops that cater to a wide variety of tastes.

I find shops on the internet, and many contain eclectic or rustic items I believe will be pleasing to you, the visitor. There are many traditional choices that provide items to round out the room and create a complete look for you.

When I travel, I make it a point to find interesting places to add to the list. Some may require you to actually visit them, and others will be little-known spots that are quite invisible in the search engines. Altogether, I believe I'll bring you many great ideas to create your special Southwest look.

SW Decor
Look at several variations of Southwestern Decor and determine which is the best for your personality and style. There's more than one version of rustic in the Southwestern dictionary.

Rugs Express has a huge selection of rugs, including a page for Southwestern Rugs and one on Tribal Rugs. Don't miss these!

One of my personal favorites is the leather shag rugs. They have two colors, both in rich shades of brown leather that are just awesome. Click on their Shag Rugs link to get to it. Just let me know if you find a better rug at Rugs Express.

Jackalope is full of fabulous items for the Southwestern Home

On our most recent trip around the Southwest region, we happened on this awesome spot! Jackalope is full of Southwestern furniture, tiles and Mexican pots, unusual artifacts and mindboggling decorator items that have to be seen to believe.

Chili Pepper Decor

Here's a hot idea to add some zing to your Southwestern Decor. Get some Chili Pepper Decor and spice up your life! Our page on

Chili Pepper Decor will show you some of the great places on the web to get this Hot! decorator design for your home.

I'd like to introduce you to this awesome spot to get authentically Southwestern style furnishings for your home. Lone Star Western Decor carries quality furniture, bedding and a great selection of Southwestern decor.

Tooled leather, rustic hardware and Southwestern patterned bedding sets are just a few of the great items you'll find at their store. Below is one example of the quality merchandise you'll find there.

Tooled Leather Side TableTooled Leather Side Table - $ 799.95
Tooled Leather Side Table. Wrought iron base and tooled leather top in colonial design. Measures 22" wide, 22" deep and 26" high. Allow 4 to 6 weeks for shipping. This item ships directly from the manufacturer, and is not available for Express shipping. This item does not ship to Alaska or Canada.

Black Forest Decor is mostly full of cabin type decor, which is great for Southwestern Homes in areas such as Northern Arizona, or Colorado.

One thing you might look for here is their Southwestern style bedding. They have quite a collection and all are displayed on rustic-looking cedar log beds making it even more perfect for your Southwestern Home.

Mexican hombre
Tres Amigos is another of those magical, wonderful places full of the eccentric, rustic, purely magical decor that makes the rustic Southwestern home come alive with vibrant personality and mistique.

Take a peek at some of the useful, and not-so-useful items you may find at Tres Amigos.

Cameron Trading Post
Travel with me to the Cameron Trading Post. Here you'll find one of the finest examples of an Indian Trading Post in the American Southwest. I dare you to visit this place and go away without finding something you like.

Canton First Monday
Let the whole family get in on the fun while decorating your Southwestern Dream Home by visiting the Canton Texas Flea Market. You can find hundreds of items to spice up your Southwestern Dream Home and have a great time doing it.

The First Monday Trade Days in Canton, Texas is something you have to see to believe. We found home decor, food items, pottery such as the photo at the top of this page, and rustic furniture for every taste. This place is a shoppers' paradise. Just take my advice and opt for the scooter rentals early so you don't wear out halfway through the day.

Cedar Nightstand and Lamp
One of my favorite vendors from the Canton Texas Trade Days was Clifford Brown. Tom made sure he got his Rustic Bedroom Furniture built right away. That way when our Southwestern Dream Home is complete, he'll be all set up.

See how awesome Clinton's work is and let me know if you would like Clinton to build some for your home. Clinton can build much more than bedroom furniture. He tells me his latest project is a cedar staircase. You can bet I'm going to visit him to see how that turns out!

Southwestern Art
The walls of your Southwestern Dream Home should display some of your favorite artwork, from the Southwest of course!

I have some favorites I'd like to share with you, to help you choose some truly Southwestern Art.

Arapaho Shower Curtain

Your bathroom might be one of the last places you'll turn your decorating head, but at you'll be sure to find some great ideas to usher your bathroom into the Southwestern theme of your Southwestern Home.

The great shower curtains and accessories at are hard to resist! Take a look at the great shower curtains and accessories here for some awesome decorating ideas.

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