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Stop at Jackalope for a huge selection of fanciful Southwestern decor

The Jackalope

In the Southwestern U.S., a mythical, mirthful creature roams the desert in people’s imagination. Although it’s not truly a living animal, the jackalope finds its way into the hearts of many as a figment of a truly creative mind.

It is said, if a person is diligent in their search, they will find one running wild in the desert Southwest. The mythical creature is part jackrabbit and part antelope (actually sporting horns more resembling deer horns).

If your mind is transformed from the ordinary to the extraordinary, you will begin to believe in the magical creature. So too, the place I’m going to tell you about will fill your home with truly creative things from around the world that will enhance your experience of the Southwest, and the world.

North of Albuquerque, New Mexico heading toward Santa Fe on Highway 25 you will encounter a small, but history-filled town called Bernalillo. Bernalillo, originally called La Concinitas, was first settled over a thousand years ago.

Take my word for it, visit Jackalope for the only view of the creature you are likely to see. Take Highway 550 off Highway 25 in Bernalillo. This is where I first encountered Jackalope. At the entrance to this strange and wonderful place stands a huge rendition of its namesake “animal”, the jackalope.

The story goes that Darby McQuade returned home to Santa Fe over 30 years ago with a truck full of Mexican pottery. His small, roadside business was such a hit that Darby set up a permanent shop which has expanded to five locations in various locations throughout the Southwest. At Jackalope, you will find a huge offering of pottery, rugs, furniture and accessories for your home and beyond. Fountains, picnic sets and chimineas can be found here to grace your backyard as well.

While wandering about here, I found huge stones for my yard and huge pots for plants. Some of these pots stood taller than my head. There were cute turtles and lizards with shells sprouting from their backs, and fanciful home furnishings painted bright colors by talented Mexican craftsmen.

I was enchanted by pierced tinwork surrounding mirrors and other objects, and brightly painted clay suns (think house jewelry) and accessories for kitchens and bathrooms. Delightful Indian style clay pots dribbled water, creating a water feature suitable for indoors or a soothing patio. And outside, leaning against the walls, I found ancient doorways and window frames most certainly pilfered (or purchased?) from remote haciendas in Old Mexico. Imagine your home with one of these babies at the entrance to its private courtyard!

Sad to say, I certainly can’t relate to you all the wonderful items we saw at Jackalope, but I can surely direct you to their website. Yup! Once more I’ve come through…Jackalope is at www.jackalope.com (sure, you knew that!)

Take a look and see if I’m not absolutely right about the enchanting and fanciful Jackalope.

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And if you like what we're doing here, please sign our guestbook.