Backyard Design ideas for your Southwestern Dream Home

See how a backyard design project can turn an ordinary Southwestern Dream Home yard into a masterpiece worthy of your Dream Home.

Your home is taking shape, the landscaping is in...let's talk about Backyard Design.

I'm referring to the special little features that make your backyard into your own little haven.

Seeking contractors foryour landscaping needs? We have nationwidecontractors who can assist you in planning your project through itscompletion. You will also find homebuilders and roofcontractors at

In creating your own space for your backyard, we'll need to talk about decks and patios. You may even want to add a rustic gazebo. I'll show you how easy it is to create a backyard retreat by building a rustic ramada.

Then we'll discover how awesome a backyard waterfall can be. Tom wants to have a water windmill in the yard, so we'll look at how much fun a windmill can be. My personal choice for backyard fun is Attracting Birds. We'll discover how easy it is to invite backyard birds like Gambels Quail into your life.


A popular way to add interest to your backyard is with Stamped Concrete Hardscapes. Let your imagination run wild, and create interest and art in your backyard!

New! What backyard fun is complete without a barbecue? Visit my Barbecue page to find some awesome barbecues and more!

Then we'll talk about adding solar power to our Southwestern Dream Home to create a Solar Energy home.

There are lots of exciting ideas out there, so hang out here and we'll see how many really cool ones we can find. HGTV, for example, has some great articles on backyard design. Check out some of their great pages, and be sure to check back here for more ideas.

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