Just What is a Southwestern Style Home?

Our Southwestern homes are as much an art form as they are simply architecture. Think in terms of rustic, even a bit primitive, earthy and homey. All this and more can be said about a Southwestern style Home. One may view the façade of a pueblo style home, or a quietly graceful Hacienda and merely see a house. But then again, if you listen to the voice of the structure, you will feel a warmth and an embracing of yourself into the heart of the home.

Enter a sheltered courtyard attached to a Southwestern home and you’ll feel a cool quiet, a sort of peace emanates from the heart of this outdoor oasis. There may be a ramada where a person can go to reflect on the events of the day. You may also encounter a kiva fireplace, where the warmth of a mesquite fire will warm you on a cool desert evening.

Step up onto the portales, beneath the corbels and the rustic vigas and latillas overhead and knock upon the wide, ancient hand-carved door of the home. As the heavy door swings open, the interior of the Southwestern style sanctuary unfolds before you. Your eyes dart quickly to bancos, displaying various forms of Native American artwork. Nichos hold their own prizes, sometimes Santos, others special artwork created by residents of this proud, sometimes desolate land.

You may find natural stone floors, or Saltillo tile flaunting a splash of vibrant color to warm your senses. Her floors will be lovingly garbed in hand woven rugs, of earth colors and bold designs. The dyes perhaps gathered by ancient matriarchs of the Hopis or Zunis. The Native Americans are a proud people, and surrounding oneself with the work of their hands will serve to remind you of the creative minds that craft items to honor the earth and all her quiet residents.

Don’t be alarmed if the Southwestern Style home begins to grow on you. It’s only the earth reaching up her arms to embrace you in her tender care. You’ll soon begin to feel, as I do, the pull of the Southwest and its magical song.

Walk amidst the natural desert vegetation in the backyard. You’ll often find that the desert is not as lifeless as it seems at first glance. Listen and you’ll hear the call of quail, feeding in the grasses nearby. At night, you may hear the sky vibrate with the lonely sound of a coyote calling to its mate.

Listen, and you’ll hear the voice of the Southwest calling…calling…calling to you, and drawing you home. Yes, the Southwestern Dream Home is my celebration of the Southwest. Enter, and begin the journey to your Southwestern Dream Home!

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This is the chronicle of our journey to our Southwestern Dream Home,

how it will be envisioned, designed, constructed and decorated. Then, last but certainly not least, we will show you the final results.

We will show you many ways to make your Southwestern Dream Home a reality as well. So pull up a seat and stay awhile, this project began more than a year ago and it will require that long and more to finish the saga.

On this journey we'll explore the search for the perfect location for your home in Finding a Site to Build, then we'll progress to the actual planning stage in Home Design. You may find in your circumstance that your dream home is already waiting for you somewhere out there, so we'll introduce you to some of our favorite realtors, who can guide you on that journey.

But don't forget to come back here to plan all the exciting things that will make that home uniquely you, while reflecting all thecharm of the American Southwest.

After the home itself is a reality it is imperative that you create the house that is really you! Our Southwest Home Decor page will be a valuable tool during that time frame. In addition, tour our Landscaping section to see, which wacker plate hire company to use, and how the exterior of your home can make it a Dream Home as well.

As a final crowning touch, you may decide you need one or more Backyard Design "Special Projects" to make your home really stand up and shout! I won't spoil your fun by describing them here, but be assured, there's sure to be something that catches your eye. I'm Cheryl Cholley and I'll be your guide on this exciting adventure into the "Southwestern Dream Home". Feel free to Contact Me with any questions or comments you might have.

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