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Native American Art Work is a must for your Southwestern Dream Home!

Native American Art Work will give flair and sophisication to your home. Add some and see what a difference it makes.

My husband, Tom, is always enthralled with the desert Southwest whenever we travel. I began showing him some of my favorite regions of the Southwest and the Pacific coast about five years ago. Then as my family settled in the region South of Hoover Dam, in a small town called Dolan Springs, we visited Northern Arizona.

The Grand Canyon is a sight no person should miss, and of course it was one of the places we visited. On our most recent trip to Northern Arizona, we again visited the Grand Canyon, this time by air. We also made it a point to visit new places we had not previously seen.

This brings me to the location I'm just dying to tell you about. Dreamcatcher

When you're in Flagstaff, head North on Highway 89. You'll go about fifty miles, and you'll be certain I lied to you and it's not really there, but keep going. You're looking for a very picturesque bridge across the Little Colorado River. Don't stop at all the little trading posts you see along the side of the road, just keep going until you see the Cameron Trading Post.

When you get there, you'll know the others weren't it. This is the real deal here! Be sure you have several hours for this place, I'm telling you!

The Cameron Trading Post was originally build in 1911, and has been in continuous operation since that time. You may have seen Indian Trading Posts in the past, but this is the granddaddy of all trading posts. They also have a hotel you can stay in that has some of the most awesome views from the rooms. The hotel is perched almost at the edge of the canyon there, and the sight is breathtaking!

Visit the hotel, and without a shadow of a doubt, visit their restaurant. The place is remarkable, one of a kind, extraordinary! And then I'll tell you about the food, it's unbelievable too. Be prepared to be dumbstruck when you visit this place! The ceiling is a masterpiece of tin, hand beaten with intricate designs. The walls are graced by the most exquisite handmade rugs I have ever seen, and believe me I've seen a few.

But be sure, when you pick your jaw up off the floor to order a Navajo taco. And don't be fooled into thinking "a" taco isn't enough for you. The term sideboards comes to mind when describing a plate of food prepared by these folks. Order it, eat and enjoy. And remember, I told you so!

Cameron Trading Post Now the reason I'm giving you all this great information, is that nobody in their right mind would want to decorate Southwestern Style without including one or more (dozens?) items from this fabulous place. This place is Southwest Home Decor done right. And now that I've told you what you'll be missing by not visiting in person, I'll tell you my little secret.

Yup, they have a website! Cool, eh? Just visit Native American Art Work at Cameron Trading Post , and you'll get a feel for what I've been telling you. But don't forget I told you to visit, you'll never forget it.

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And if you like what we're doing here, please sign our guestbook.