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Visit Tres Amigos for Rustic Home Decor and Furniture

Mike at Tres Amigos

The Tucson Daily Citizen featured an interesting article about Tres Amigos while we were visiting Tucson in August. So, since I knew you’d be interested in what they have to offer, I sacrificed myself and visited their store, located at 5975 E. Broadway. Ok, I admit it, it wasn’t a sacrifice, I really enjoyed the visit.

We drove up and found a spot to park near the entrance. When we exited our truck, we were immediately immersed in a collection of wares from exotic locations around the world. The front porch was full of pottery, baskets, and furniture from Mexico, Thailand, China, Indonesia and India. But then we found the door!

Tres Amigos Rustic Furniture Inside was a seemingly endless array of rustic furniture, eclectic artwork and quirky household items. I was approached by a friendly sales clerk named Mike, who was happy to tell me about all their wonderful wares from the four corners of the earth. As far as the eye can see, fanciful items catch the eye and excite the imagination.

As we browsed the aisles, checking nooks and crannies for more and more great items for the home and patio, Mike told us of the various Tres Amigos stores around Tucson and throughout the Southwest. It seems that they have graced Tucson with five locations, the Phoenix metro area has four, there are two in Colorado and one in Albuquerque, New Mexico. So, wherever you are in the Southwest, Tres Amigos is not far.

You can find the addresses of their locations and hours of operation on the Tres Amigos website.

At the Broadway store I found a terrific rawhide table and chairs set that will look awesome on that new patio we’re going to build. There’s also some drawer pulls for that just-right rustic look on the bathroom cabinet, and some candles for…well... just to make the place smell good!

Tres Amigos Basketry

Visit Tres Amigos and just see if there’s not some really great items to add to the rustic atmosphere of your Southwestern Dream Home. The baskets are awesome, and those Corona beer coolers for the patio are just the thing for a great barbeque.

And if you don’t take home one of those sassy wrought iron Mexican hombres I’ll eat my sombrero.

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And if you like what we're doing here, please sign our guestbook.