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Visit here to begin your search for your dream house plan.

The search for your Dream House plan should begin soon after you have decided on the location for your Southwestern Dream Home. On one of our trips to Las Vegas, while sightseeing our way around Northern Arizona, we made a brief stop to view some new home Models. Since our decision to retire and move West, this was a favorite pastime while traveling.

This time, however, was different. The home we viewed had a distinct flair, a style we adored, and one feature that played on our minds. The master bath had a closet that literally wrapped around the bath, with doors on both sides. There were slotted cabinets to store sweaters, and cubbies for underwear and socks. There was also a handy seat built into the design of the cabinets.

The unusual design of that bath haunted us for months, throughout the time when we searched for our ideal city, and when we found our perfect spot to build in Tucson.

We found ourselves on numerous occasions reminiscing about that closet, and the other great features of that house. Tom convinced me that on our next trip, if necessary, we could locate that house and find the builder, if we had to.

After purchasing our dream home site, our next step was to plan our dream house. Again and again, that master bath design played on my mind. And we had other things that were important to us in the design of our house as well.

On our next trip to Tucson, when we located our property, we also visited Old Tucson. Along the way, I spied a house that just took my breath away. Tom was quick to stop so we could take a photo, so we had a great record of this one. Until the camera later dropped out of the truck and was destroyed, along with that film.

The one feature I loved about that house was a round room on the second floor. My big requirement is for a large, airy office. Tom is an outdoors person, I'm a computer nut. This house created a vision for me of a large, C-shaped staircase leading to an office upstairs. It would be round, with windows all around to permit me a 360 degree view of the wonderful Arizona scenery.

houseplan By this time I was certain I needed a skilled architect to create the home we were dreaming of. Our dream house plan was not out there waiting, we'd have to create it.

There are many in the Southwest, and I'll be sure to give you some links to visit some. But some folks prefer to use stock dream house plans due to the lower expense of this option. I was browsing through several of the better dream house plan sites, and I input the criteria for our dream home, and the search engine provided me with hundreds of choices.

This was good! I knew a site with many choices would be great for you who love to browse home plans searching for your perfect match. I began to get drowsy as I checked through one after another of that endless list. It was nearing my witching hour, and I knew I needed sleep.

Then, ZAP! There it was! I looked again, and it looked perfect! The kitchen had a bar, and looked out over the living room. The family room had that great gas fireplace we just knew we needed. The upstairs had a large room that was perfect for my office. It wasn't round, but I can adapt... And there it was! A WRAP-AROUND CLOSET! My dream home plan!

This was just too good to be true. There were a few changes that would have to be made, like take out the pool. We're not pool people. We need a large patio for those barbeques I told you about. And there is a slight grade on our property, so we'll have to have some kind of deck that terraces down the hill a bit.

But that's the beauty of these dream home plan sites. For a nominal fee they will alter the plans and make the home look just the way you want it. And our dream home plan will soon be a reality.

Ok, I promised you some sites to find your dream home plan. Here are a couple of dream home plan sites that should help, visit Dream House Plans by DreamHome Source or Houseplans.com .

If you want to find an architect to design your dream house plan, you can look at Architects USA . You can choose your state, city and get a listing of architects. I hope these help you in finding your personal dream house plan.

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