Use our favorite Relocation Services sites to help you decide where your Southwestern Dream Home should be!

There are some very useful Relocation Serviceson the web to help you. My favorites are listed on this page so you can visit them too.

...fade in... Our decision was made, the die was cast! Retirement fever was in the air. What city? What state?That lifechanging decision opened up a huge writhing pit of new choices for us to ponder. No doubt you'll face the same challenges, no matter why you decide to relocate.

Because my side of the family had chosen the Las Vegas area, this was our first thought. Tom was recoveringfrom Guillian Barre', a nerve disease that left him in a wheelchair for more than a year. As a result, we had lost two businesses. As Tom began walking again, we explored Real Estate as an option to replace the more strenuous work he had done previously. Las Vegas seemed a very good option from the standpoint of potential sales. The second choice that came to mind was Sedona.

Sedona is a place of dreams, beauty such as you may never see anywhere else on earth. Upon further exploration, we determined that yes, property values in Sedona were high and escalating rapidly. So we prepared for another trip, this time with the specific purpose of evaluating those two choices.

Here are some of my favorite Relocation Services sites. These may help you in making your decision. Relocation Essentials and

Homestore Relocation Services.

As we discussed and researched the value of each alternative, we became aware that both had advantages, but also disadvantages.

More and more we became aware that neither choice had what we wanted. Then it hit me! I had spent my first 20 or so years in Tucson, and it had everything we were looking for. We have since discarded our Real Estate licences, and finally understand the need to be free to explore, travel, and simply enjoy retirement.

Our planned trip ended up including a five day detour to the city of my birth, and Tom fell in love with Tucson! Tucsonis a cultural diamond sparkling in a midnight sky. We visited sites out of the Old West and ate cuisine from around the world.As I ticked off endless lists of fascinating things to do there, Tom became aware that he could spend his retirement there and never, ever be bored!

I'm hoping you will find your Southwestern Dream location just as I did mine. Use Relocation Services to help you in your search.

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