The cabinet drawings have arrived for our new home

Our house plans are coming along nicely!

Wow, the cabinet drawings! Today, a UPS truck brought me a package, and it contained drawings from Mark Decker. If you remember, Mark is the designer we contracted to create the drawings for our Southwestern Dream Home.We asked Service Master for a referral, and Aaron was the builder that contacted us. Aaron later introduced us to Mark, and here we are.

Mark had presented us with the initial drawings, and we pronounced them to be exactly what we wanted. We made no changes and were thrilled with the house exactly as it was shown.

This is so exciting! After months of absolutely no progress toward the completion of our new home, these drawings show up out of the blue. I ripped open the package, sealed in one of those plastic envelopes that take a jackhammer and a little bit of dynamite to open, and hurriedly spread the plans out on the countertop in front of me.

ServiceMagic, Inc.

It was almost like I had walked into the house. There are views of the kitchen, the bathrooms, and the utility areas. My mind began to cloud up and soon I was standing right there, in the kitchen of my new home. I could smell a pie baking in the oven and saw my grandchildren playing on the patio.

I studied the drawings once more and my mind conjured up a vision of the laundry room, with the staircase in the kitchen ascending to my office. As I slowly moved toward that staircase in my mind, the phone rang and I was pulled away.

It was Tom, telling me he was on his way to Home Depot (his favorite hangout.) I excitedly relayed the news to him and hung up. But the mood was gone. I couldn’t get back into the house so I’ll just have to wait until the day we begin to build.

It’s coming, slowly time is moving on and one day our Southwestern Dream Home will be there waiting for us. But for today, I have the drawings and that’s enough.

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