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My Real Estate Secret page detailed how we found our dream home site.

Here, I’ll show you a few ways you can prepare for the transition. As tried and true do-it-yourselfers, Tom and I prepared to haul some of our belongings to our dream home site in Tucson. Our trailer was loaded with furniture and boxes, and we began our trip.

Upon arrival, the first thing we needed was help. We don’t know anyone in Tucson due to the fact that I’ve been gone for 30 years, so how to go about unloading those heavy items was a necessary detail.

Preparing Our Home

No problem! As business owners, we have discovered the beauty and ease of hiring day labor...

...from the local labor supply companies that can be found in any town. So we were prepared upon our arrival to pick up two healthy individuals who were happy to help us for a day’s wages. These people are covered by workman's comp and liability insurance by the company so the employers are protected from any action in the event of an accident.

Tom, however, had an idea that we might also want someone well versed in cleaning to prepare our handy-dandy (almost free) mobile home for living in later on. So the crew increased to three.

The mobile home that was such a detriment to the sale of the property, becomes a valuable asset while we prepare to build our home. Already, it’s a store-room for our furniture and next trip West it will be a place to stay while further working toward building our home on our dream home site.

Newly Trimmed Mesquites

We acquired a pole saw (a type of chainsaw for cutting hard-to-reach branches) from an equipment rental shop, and proceeded to trim the many mesquite trees on the property. Tom was in heaven while instructing our short-term employees on the finer techniques of tree trimming. Remember, he was an arborist until retiring a couple of years back.

We also found time to cut some of the brush from around the house, which will later reduce the fire hazard associated with dry, brittle underbrush.

One final task we performed while in town working on our dream home site was to visit with Aaron, the builder we had chosen to create our new home. Aaron was kind enough to show us a couple of his finished projects so we could determine whether we were sure we wanted him to build for us. This is a very important step and one anyone should take when choosing a builder.

We were connected with Aaron through a website I found called Service Magic. I have been communicating with him for several months, but this was our first meeting. Service Magic is a very useful site. It can help you choose builders, architects, landscapers and other tradesmen. They make certain to check out insurance and licensing before recommending anyone to the consumer. This is an added assurance that you’re getting quality, honest individuals to do work for you.

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