House Jewelry for your Home

In the Southwestern region of the United States, people tend to decorate the exterior walls of their home with one or more decorations.

These decorations can take on many forms, but each is some symbol or design that is uniquely Southwest.

House Jewelry
House jewelry is normally a motif of some desert-related animal, plant or perhaps a Native American design like our friend Kokopelli. Other popular choices are sahuaro cactus, lizards and quail.

The mediums used for house jewelry also tend to vary. I've seen metal with an aged patina, enameled designs, colorful tile, barbed wire and baked clay. Show off your personality by choosing the one that best describes how you feel about your life in the Desert Southwest.

Your Southwestern Dream Home can go from bland to dressed up with just a simple piece of House Jewelry to liven up your walls. I can't help but feel a little more cheerful when I see a cute family of quail scurrying across the wall of a nearby home.

To apply jewelry to your Southwestern Dream Home, simply choose your favorite jewelry, find a bare wall that needs adornment and is visible from the yard or street, and hang your prize.

Sunny Face
You will most likely not find the term "House Jewelry" used in this manner as it is my own perception of this uniquely Southwestern phenomenon, but you will certainly find many interesting designs to display to those passing by.

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