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Let me guide you to a new place to find wonderful Southwestern Wall Art, Southwestern style furniture, Native American artwork, and a pack of awesome ideas for Southwest home decorating.

While on the return loop from our last visit to our future homesite in Tucson, we visited Albuquerque, New Mexico. Albuquerque is hundreds of years old, and actually celebrates its 300th anniversary this year.

If you are searching for great Southwestern Wall art, I’d strongly encourage you to visit Albuquerque’s Old Town district. To get there, take the Rio Grande exit South off I-40.

Southwestern Wall Art
Throughout this ancient section of town, you will find tiny (or not-so-tiny) shops offering rustic, eccentric, erratic and just plain lovely merchandise for the collector and decorator. With only a few hours to spare, we visited shops such as Agape Southwest Pueblo Pottery and

Shiprock Trading Co. .

But by far, the finest example of rustic Native American artwork for the home that I’ve seen thus far in my travels was displayed at Rio Grande Trading Company. Their shop displays a huge array of Native American Indian pottery from the region; artifacts such as war spears, drums and dream catchers; and eye-catching rugs. You’ll be in Southwest home decorating heaven in this place!

I found the perfect Indian Headdress, handmade by Native Americans, that far surpasses any of the handiwork I’ve seen previously. There were sandpaintings and Turquoise encrusted cow skulls of the finest quality. I found dozens of examples of fascinating Southwestern wall art here!

In addition to Southwest home décorating, I found exquisitely crafted jewelry and beaded leather jackets that are simply to-die-for. Your kitchen would be proud to display the finely crafted chile-pepper pottery offered here. Handcrafted rawhide drums became unique stands for displaying various artwork as well.

The salespeople here are oh-so-helpful even when confronted with a customer that had no intention of buying until months later. They don’t work on commission, so they are free to be truthful about all the delightful items displayed in this shop. After proudly showing us dozens of delectable Southwestern wall art items for our home, the salespeople went on to explain their unique club. Rio Grande family of stores provides a membership for $17.95 that is good for a full year after purchase. With membership, you are entitled to a HUGE discount on nearly all merchandise in any of their locations. There are several, each with a unique name, including two in Tucson (Rio Grande Trading and Rio Grande Crossroads), one in Albuquerque (Rio Grande Trading Company) and another in Santa Fe (Rio Grande Trading Post.)

Each location displays only items crafted by local Native Americans, making each unique in their offerings. I literally can’t wait to see what they have at the others!

Their discount includes 55% off items such as furnishings and home décor, and 40% off a few items. Finding items not included in their extremely generous discounts was difficult. They mentioned only two lines of products excluded, and even those had occasional sales offered.

The salespeople proudly wore jewelry and clothing offered for sale in the store, and the finery was breathtaking. One can clearly see the quality of the merchandise in this store.

Due to the expansive nature of the items offered at Rio Grande, they don’t have a website. It’s necessary to visit them personally to see the huge quality selection of items in their stores. You may, however, email them to be placed on their mailing list ([email protected]).

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